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Top 3 Ways to Integrate Promotional Items into Your Business
Top 3 Ways to Integrate Promotional Items into Your Business

By Meghan Whalen

Upon first consideration, promotional products may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the relatively small cost upfront will do a lot of legwork for you in the long run. No more wondering if your business card went right into the recycling bin. Consider your audience and provide items they will find useful that will keep your company at the back of their mind so the next time they need a service you offer, you get the phone call and your competitor does not!

Give your clients and prospects something unique

The options are endless. The lip balm, sunglasses, water bottle and tote bag you handed out at the golf outing will come in handy on a regular basis. Not only will the recipient think of you every time he or she reaches for that logoed water bottle between sets at the fitness center, but others will see your logo as well, and they may look you up to see what you do. The lip balm will most likely become a constant passenger in a purse or glove box and will always be available for quick reference. Choose items that are practical, portable, functional and convenient. Your customers will appreciate the thought, and your money will be well-spent. Promotional products are linked to customer loyalty, positive perceptions of businesses and increased community awareness of who you are and what you can do.

Outfit your team for success

Speaking of community, your employees who do work outside of the office can be fantastic walking billboards if you provide them with company branded uniforms. Not only will they be representing your company well by the quality work they are doing, but those who see them doing said work will know just where to go to get that same quality service for themselves. Be sure to include your phone number or website below your logo to make it just a little easier for prospective customers to reach out.

Showing your clients you care during the holidays

Let's not forget the holidays. Client appreciation is so important, and you want to give them something they will use. Consider a softshell jacket, a cozy hooded sweatshirt or maybe even a blanket with your logo. Your gift will be something they will use and appreciate, and your logo will be prevalent while doing so. Promotional products are not just for advertisement purposes. They are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that you are thoughtful, intentional and generous in what you say and do for your clients.

Successful branding includes taking a few minutes to think about what you would like to give to get the results you need to further promote your reputation and quality. You will be glad you did.

Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts
Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts

By Shannon Mayerl

It’s hot Hot HOT! Hard to think of the holidays and client gift giving when the temperature is reaching triple digits, but this is exactly what many of our clients are doing this time of year. At the top of the gift-giving list: tech. They have been popular for years. Fortunately, each year we see the quality of the items increase with overall costs becoming more affordable.  A vendor that is doing great things in the tech world is OrigAudio! Here are 5 of our favorite tech items from them for the 2018 holiday season:

1. Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is pocket size with amazing sound quality and over 30ft Bluetooth range. With a minimum order quantity of just 1 piece, you can get dual side, full-color customization all for a price in the $30 range, with prices dropping from there for higher quantity orders.

2. Octoforce Wireless Power Bank

Plugged in or wireless, the Octoforce Power Bank handles all your charging needs. This pocket-size charger brings 8,000mAh of battery power with both a USB port and wireless charging option. An amazing 1-piece minimum order quantity and full-color decorating all yours for under $50.

3. Boltron Wireless Charging Pad

Charge up to 5 devices at once, 3 wireless and 2 via USB. This charging pad allows you to grab and go without having to hassle with cords. Continuing the trend of 1-piece minimum order quantities with full-color decorating, this multi-function charging pad makes a great higher-end gift in the $60-75 range depending on quantity ordered.


4.  Welcome Kit

Going for a gift to knock their socks off? Try this gift set that brings 5 of the best together.

Kit includes El Dorado Smart Backpack, Budsies Bluetooth Earbuds, EnergyBar 2200mAh Power Bank, Argonot MFI-certified Cord and Ringr Smartphone Multi-tool.  Each item may be decorated and brings a high perceived value for around $75!

5. Presidio and the Kitchen Sink

For that client on the go, consider giving them the Kitchen Sink which includes a Personal Organizer, Dopp Kit, Rickman Roll, Passport Holder and Luggage tag. Entire kit starting around $75. Add in the Presidio Backpack to round out this travelers’ dream gift.


With a high perceived value and a high use rate which brings in a lower cost per impression, we suggest you consider tech items, not only at the holiday’s but year-round! Contact our team for more great tech ideas! 


How to Achieve an Employee Centered Culture
How to Achieve an Employee Centered Culture

By Shannon Mayerl

Company culture is a hot topic right now. In my experience, there is a substantial difference between saying you have a great employee culture and having one in real life. Our company, like most, has many different departments. And, like most, we found that comradery was fine inside a department but between departments, it was lacking. When issues arose, an us against them mentality came out, which was contrary to what we had hoped for. We had our once a year holiday party and a summer picnic on occasion, but even at these events, individuals tended to cluster together with the co-workers inside their department.

I hear quite often that employees don’t leave their job, they leave their manager. Feeling like you are a part of the overall team is a critical component of employee job satisfaction. Being a leader, I know that self-discovery is the most effective way of teaching. Our leadership team decided to embrace building morale from an inside-out approach and asked our employees to build the morale themselves. Thus, our Sunshine Committee was created.

The Sunshine Committee is made up of 8 employees from all different departments. The committee meets once a month to strategize, plan and prepare employee engagement opportunities. Each seat on the committee is a 2-year commitment. After 2 years, the employee gives up their seat, so another employee can serve. Those in a leadership role are not allowed to serve on the committee, as this is an employee led initiative. After they serve for two years, they must be off the committee for at least 12 months before they are able to volunteer to re-join.  We have staggered when committee seats turn over so there are always people on the committee who know what’s in the works.  Two employees who are in their second year step up to serve as Chair and Co-Chair of the committee.

We realize that not every person is going to enjoy or want to participate in every activity. We all have different interests and passions, so the committee is encouraged to plan a wide variety of activities. The committee receives a budget from the company for events. We also hold a sample sale each year and the proceeds from the sale support the committee activities.

Some events are small, like walking around on a hot summer day with popsicles. Some events are bigger, such as our opening day potluck (to kick off the spring). We host a chili cookoff each fall and a baking competition in March with brackets (just like the college playoffs). Around homecoming time, we get into the spirit of competition with theme days and a penny drive, with employees separated into 4 teams, each led by a member of the leadership team with all the proceeds going to a committee selected charity. Lastly, each year our President hosts a holiday party for all employees and guests, to show appreciation for all that the employees do to make the company successful.

Since moving the planning and execution of employee events to the hands of the employees, we have found participation has risen and barriers between departments are falling. Overall, employees are getting to know each other (both at the events but also through serving on the committee). We have found that we have a happier workplace where teamwork isn’t just something we say we want, it’s something we live each day. 

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